Friday, December 6, 2013

Stuff just happens. After wrapping up the last of the developmental edits of "Singing Stones" our world began to fray at the edges. Nothing so serious that it couldn't be handled, but it took time. Time away from the more technical editing of grammar and punctuation.

The plan to read aloud the entire manuscript has yet to happen. Like most folks the major holidays tend to occupy our time with preparation and celebration -- and the unforeseen. My muse's 96 year old mother fell and hurt herself when she tried to pick up her Black Friday ad-laden Thanksgiving Day newspaper.

My mother-in-law is one of the sweetest people you could hope to know. She's also one of the most difficult to keep down. Since she didn't complain all that much we thought she probably just crossed a rib. She was not going to let the pain stop her from having Thanksgiving dinner with us. The celebration continued as planned.

The next day she asked to be taken to see a doctor. One of her sons came and took her to the emergency room. Results, two broken ribs and a fracture at the L4  level of her spine (just above the tailbone). OUCH.

I won't go into the levels of guilt we felt, but there was a scramble to get her the care she needed. Holiday weekends are not good days to go to a hospital. After a few days battling the Doogie Howser's and bureaucrats of the medical world she told us she was ready to go home. She had had enough. Today she sits at her basket of yarn ready to resume her knitting. She still refuses to admit to the pain.

That is one tough sister.

I tell you this story to give you an insight into one the characters mentioned in "Singing Stones." She's not fleshed out in this book, but you'll see a little more of her in the second installment with the working title of, "The Loom of Kanarrah." She doesn't have a large role, unless of course my muse decides otherwise. Watch for her. Her name is Della Nevers and her daughter takes a keen interest in Maynard. 'Nuf said.

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