Saturday, August 10, 2013

Revision update.

Revisions up through chapter 8 are in hand. Next they go to my beta readers for last minute suggestions and changes. The chapters are beginning to roll along as I get deeper into the book. Chapters 1 through 4 are almost completely new with new and expanded characters along with some world building and hints about the magic system.

So far the feedback on those first chapters has been great. Chapters 5 through 8 are rebuilt with the added punch my editor said the characters needed. The rest of the book is expected to go much faster, though I can't promise new ideas won't get in the way. My editor, Teresa Edgerton, dropped some hints and ideas, among other things, to make it better.

I love to complain about those suggested changes to this historical work of art. However, I can see without a doubt Teresa's right--well, mostly. All right, always, but who's in charge of the complaint department here?

Chapter 9 is a must rewrite. Originally written to kick up the intensity, it now can be saved for the next book in the series, tentatively titled "The Weaver's Anvil." The new chapters are sufficient to develop the tension needed.

I'm excited about the coming edits and revisions. As Diann Thornley Read recently posted on her facebook page regarding her editors suggestions, "creative juices flowing like crazy." My muse, a.k.a wife, is hard at work seeing those juices remain manic.

"Thank you, dear. You can put the cattle prod away now."

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