Thursday, August 22, 2013

Revisions for 8-13 complete.

Except for feedback from my beta readers, chapters 8 through 13 have received their major revisions. They went quite quickly, which is a bit of a worry. I tend to overlook things when it goes so well.

The speed at which those revisions were made reminds me of this YouTube video of Brandon Sanderson writing a chapter. It's a high speed video which shows him writing and editing a chapter. Its twenty plus minutes long and interesting to watch--at least for a few minutes. He does a lot of editing as he goes which I find reassuring since I do a lot of that myself.

"New York Times bestselling author Brandon Sanderson writes a chapter from Words of Radiance, the sequel to The Way of Kings, to be published in late 2013 (hopefully) or early 2014."

Brandon Sanderson is one of my favorite writers in fantasy. Some folks criticize his work as wordy. I haven't read all of his works, but I don't have any issues with his style. I find it refreshing in a lot of ways.

He spins a great yarn with plot twists and surprising magical abilities which are presented in a believable format. The first book I read was "Elantris" which blew me away. It had an innocence which I had not seen in other writers. Yet, the tension in the story did not suffer because of it. I like his ability to develop his characters in a way that I became invested in their lives.

Now that I've found him on YouTube with so many videos I will be taking the time to listen to him over and over again.

Another video, which I discovered on Alara Harpell's blog is great advice for any writer who gets even a little fatigued by the constant thrum of how difficult it is to get published.
It features the renowned author, Anne Rice.

Visit Alara K. Harpell's blog. Get a taste of her writing style. It's great.

Thanks for the video Alara.

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