Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Book Signing in Phoenix Arizona.

We spent a very enjoyable Saturday afternoon at the Dog Eared Pages Bookstore this past weekend. Melanie Tighe and Thom Butcher, co-owners of the store, were not only gracious and generous enough to help promote the event they provided the space for free.

A small, but enthusiastic, crowd filtered through the store and bought books from each of us. Alan Black provided chocolate and white cakes decorated with a tasty image of his newly released book, "The King's Rock." He is a high energy guy willing to swap stories on most any subject. His list of books are evidence of that fact.

Other authors at the event were J. D. Scott who writes SciFi/Fantasy and Steve Price who writes about mediation. All the other authors had at least 3 books written and available for sale compared to my humble singleton. Nevertheless, sales went well and "The Singing Stones of Rendor" benefited from a Fantasy friendly attendance.

A visitor of note who I acknowledge in my book was Jeremy Beard. He stopped by and we chatted for quite a while. He even wanted a signed copy of my book. This was the first time I had a chance to meet him in person. I have to thank him once again for his honest and very informative critiques of my first drafts. Also, for taking the time out of his Saturday to drop in.

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  1. Thanks for the mention. It was good to 'meet' you as it were.