Wednesday, September 6, 2017


My second editor's schedule slipped to nearly five months before she could get to it. I Received her comments and sat on it for almost two months before addressing the issues she had. I wasn't necessarily unhappy with those she rose, but her understanding of epic fantasy seemed weak.
She did make some very good points, however, and I have addressed them with new chapters at the beginning of the novel and expanded come critical moments later in the book.
I have until Sept. 18th to clean up this revision and send it to my next editor who has considerable experience with my genre. Other authors I know have told me she is tough with good constructive criticism.
I'm still hoping for a release this year. If the version I send to editor number 3 can withstand the onslaught, and I am not totally crushed by her comments, the last editor to see it will be a copy editor. That will be a matter of a simple yes or no for those changes.
Release of Book 2, "Call of the Empire" will be very late in the year if all goes reasonably well. More likely, depending on my copy editor's schedule, it will be early next year.

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