Saturday, January 6, 2018

Release of "Call of the Empire"

Yep, it is finally out. Book 2 of the Eidolon Trilogy is now available on However, for a brief time you can get a better ebook buy on Smashwords through January 15,2018.

The book topped out at about 140,000 words with 492 pages.

Amazon gave me very little wiggle room for pricing the paperback. If you contact me on my facebook page I'll sell it to you for $10.00 plus shipping costs. That may or may not be a better deal depending on where you live.

Here is the blurb on the back cover.

The Great Western Henge has rung.
The Campanill’s have hard choices to make. An ancient contract requires the village of Kerner to establish an empire when a Cherished Weaver rings the Great Western Henge. B’Tris can choose to run and hope she and her son, K’Las, can hide from the Grand Peer, or enter the veiled world of the Cherished and become something she never imagined possible. Her decision may save the world, but it could cost her everything, including her son.
A sinister voice and a deep desire for revenge drive K’Las to train as an assassin so he can kill the Grand Peer. The cantankerous Hengekeeper, Thaddeus Stonebreaker, blocks his way at every turn. Frustrated and determined to protect his mother no matter the cost, K’Las disguises himself and enlists the help of an Inquisitor willing to teach him, but the price will be high, including walking away from his family and the only home he has ever known.
Rendor trembles and war is at hand.

Will the Campanill’s answer the Call of the Empire?

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