Monday, December 29, 2014

Review of Alan Black's YA Sci/Fi novel, "Titanium Texicans"

No techno babble in this YA Sci/Fi. Titanium Texicans is a story driven by its characters and the society in which they live. Although there are high tech machines in which our hero Tasso gets involved with the emphasis is on what those machines can do and how they advance the social structure in which he has been thrust against his will.

True to any hero Tasso adjusts, but not without some conflict, some of which is self imposed. Teenage angst and Tasso's strong character development by his grandparents provide the example any parent would wish for their children.

Although the plot is rather predictable and there are some issues of pace with the story it is a very good read.

My initial reluctance to read a YA story was quickly overcome by Alan Black's ability to display Tasso's backwater simplicity and country wisdom.

A recommended read for Young Adults.

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