Friday, December 12, 2014

Reviews of "The Singing Stones of Rendor"

To have friends and family read a book you've labored over for several years and then give glowing reviews is a wonderful experience. Of course, there's always the element they're just being kind. If you knew these people you'd know they mean it.

Then comes the day when someone completely outside your world validates your work. There were two days over the past two years when that happened. In my previous postings you saw the awards for first place in the "First Chapter Category" and second place for "Novel Category" which gave me quite a high.

Now I have the honor of receiving a 5 star review not only from someone outside my world, but a best selling YA and Sci/Fi author by the name of Alan Black. My first contact with Alan was on LinkedIn when he did a random search for authors. We exchanged emails a few times and I learned of his books. My favorite genre is Military Sci/Fi, which he writes. I'm currently reading his YA Sci/Fi novel, "Titanium Texicans."

I would be sorely remiss if I didn't mention the 5 star review by one of my favorite people in the world, C.W. Johnson. He is a writer who has had a huge influence on my writing, though he may not know it. He taught himself to write creative fiction and has sold thousands of books and has a wide audience around the world. His example and experiences have taught me that revisions are endless and that at some point you just have to let your child go. He read a draft of "The Singing Stones of Rendor" and called me late that night. He was so excited about it I had to delay publishing and enter another contest. That's why I received that second place award.

My thanks to all those who buy and read the book. An extra "Thank You" to all those who post a review.

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