Sunday, December 7, 2014

The Tenebrous Witch

The Tenebrous Witch is a prequel to the series. At this point, despite the urging of my muse, I do not plan on publishing it until the series is done. However, she can be tenacious.

The story revolves around the main character in the first chapter of "The Singing Stones." Haegatess is a unique kind of witch with a dark, hard to understand type of magic not common in the world she lives in. She can suck the magic and life right out of normal people.

How she got to where she is in "The Singing Stones of Rendor" is detailed in "The Tenebrous Witch." She is bullied by her own sister and in the end they become enemies.

So far, the book is planned to be a novelette. However, some beta readers are saying it needs to expand to a full novel. We'll see. That's a long way from the intended short story I envisioned. Also, I wanted to flesh her out more so I could develop her unique abilities. To that end it has done its job.

I am setting the project aside for now and focusing on book 2, "The Loom of Kanarrah." The book is behind schedule. There's a new "brat" in my life who insists on diverting my attention. Blasted grandkids will do that to yeh.


  1. It will be very exciting to learn more about Haegatess! That was one memorable character for sure~